Daniel Aragon

Video Game Audio

Meet Daniel: Your Next Game Audio Designer

I am an Audio Designer and Engineer from Edmonton, Alberta, with a great passion for video games and audio design. My career has been dedicated to mastering the art of audio storytelling, where sound is not just heard but experienced.

I have advanced skills in field recording, sound editing, mixing, and mastering, allowing me to create tailored soundscapes that essence any game. Whether the need is for hyper-realistic audio for a battle scene or ethereal tones for mystical environments, I deliver high-quality sound that complements every aspect of gameplay.

Collaboration is at the heart of my work ethic. I have successfully worked alongside directors, writers, and composers, ensuring that my audio designs are an integral part of the game’s creative vision. My ability to listen and adapt to team feedback makes me a valuable asset, capable of refining audio elements to perfection.

As a proactive communicator and a dynamic team player, I am eager to bring my audio expertise to your company. Let’s create immersive, memorable game experiences together.

Interested in working together?

My Services

Sound Design

Sound design is key to bringing your videos and games to life. By crafting custom soundscapes, I enhance the mood, clarify the audio, and make each scene more memorable. Let’s work together to ensure every audio moment in your project stands out and captivates your audience.


Good mixing makes all the difference in any project. I expertly balance and blend sounds to ensure clarity and cohesion. Whether I’m enhancing videos, crafting tracks for music, or elevating game audio, my precise mixing skills will polish each project, delivering a professional sound that stands out.


Mastering is the crucial final touch that perfects your audio, and I’m here to ensure it’s done right. I provide mastering that guarantees consistency and depth across all platforms. With my expertise, your videos, music, or games will not only reach but exceed their potential, making a powerful impression with every listen.
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